About Us

Tucana is a research driven start-up with sole focus on LED lighting technology. We design and manufacture superior quality luminaries for industrial and architectural purposes. Our in-house design studio creates 100% original designs for our luminaries. We do a lot of research on lighting. From LED chip quality and its performance to the thermal management of the heat sink, we go in depths to come out with products which have been designed to perform.We aspire to cater our customers with very rugged, very long lasting and very well designed products.

Our Product Range

Our Unique Features

Unique Design

We are bringing in patented refreshing unique designs for our LED light fixtures, which are produce of our own studio. All designs are classical, ever – lasting designs, which follow strict discipline of functionality. We have 10 design patents in queue and more are in the pipe line. Even the smallest component, is specialty designed and engineered if it made the product even a bit better.

Rock Solid Construction

Rock solid construction – LED lights have three main components which define Its efficiency and longevity. These are the LED light source, the LED light driver and the housing. We have not left any stone unturned to amalgamate best components to bring you a mesmerizing proposition in LED lighting.

Aluminum Heat Sink

We are first in industry to give our reflector also the job of Heat sink. We use 2.5 mm thick 99% pure and highly conductive aluminum sheets to make our reflector double up as heat sink.

LM – 6 grade

Super Quality Aluminum Alloy Housing in LM – 6 grade to give nice sharp fins, for auxilary heat sinks.

Silicon paints

Silicon paints, which are baked at 270 C to give you life lasting colors.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano ceramic coating to make reflective surfaces retain the sheen for life.

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