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About Tucana Lights

Tucana is a research driven start-up with sole focus on LED lighting technology. We design and manufacture superior quality luminaries for industrial and architectural purposes. Our in-house design studio creates 100% original designs for our luminaries. We do a lot of research on lighting. From LED chip quality and its performance to the thermal management of the heat sink, we go in depths to come out with products which have been designed to perform.We aspire to cater our customers with very rugged, very long lasting and very well designed products.We hold over 24 patents for our proprietary technology and design. These are from fields of effective thermal management (including our unique HCR thermal dissipation system for all high power LEDs), Optics, Ingress protection, Luminary assembly and constant current driver technology.We use superior quality LED chips from world’s most reliable manufacturers like Osram (Germany), Cree(USA) or Nichia(Japan), which enable our lights to outlast other LED based luminaries in the market.


Our Vision

We will be an internationally recognized and appreciated lighting design and manufacturing company. With the right blend of art, technology and management, we will keep making mesmerizing and rugged products. We will merge into the cultures of the countries we will operate in, and try becoming their very own company.

Our Mission

By 2040, we aspire to be the world’s favorite lighting company!

Company Infrastructure

Our Story So Far ..

Tucana Emerged out of Matsyam, an aquarium manufacturing company from Ahmedabad. We had been into manufacturing of very large, professional grade aquariums. While making large aquariums, we always needed ‘high intensity’ lighting  fixtures to make our aquariums look lively. At that time, only conventional Metal halide lamps of industrial grade would solve the purpose, as deeper and larger aquariums required lights with better penetration in water. These consumed a lot of power and were failure prone. We hated them, and so did our fishes. Problems like lamp failure and the excessive heat were making us think about an alternate light source. LEDs were slowly entering the picture then and seemed the the ideal choice.

In 2011, we purchased some very expensive imported LED lights. At first, they seemed so futuristic, we almost instantly became fans of this amazing new technology. However to our disappointment, these failed in just 2 months of installation at a premium client’s aquarium! Not only were they not weather proof, they were probably made from inferior quality materials, despite of being so expensive.

Being technology enthusiasts, this incident provoked us to get deeper into the science of LEDs. Since then, we have been travelling across the country and the world to imbibe as much knowledge as possible on LEDs. About 4 years ago, we made our first LED based luminary for professional aquariums. This was completely indigenous and it outlived our expectations. The technology fascinated us so much that we kept designing customized “high power” LED luminaries for large aquariums. Our products looked amazing! They made us feel proud.

By this time we started realizing that our lights were very versatile and could be used for many other purposes apart from aquariums. They were rugged and looked classical. They were also made using the best LED chip available.

As a company, we realized that a bigger opportunity lies for us. It was time to take our lights to a market that needed them more.  This was the advent of Tucana!

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Associated R&D Partners

We constantly strive to improve our products with the help of latest technologies and versatile materials. But we don’t do this alone. There are about 20 people who work really hard behind-the-scene to get us from paper to prototype.

  • Mahesh-Mohata

    Mahesh Mohatta

    Director & Co founder at Tucana

    Mahesh has a rich 25 year experience in Business conceptualization, strategy, execution, marketing, finance and managing large multi skilled teams. He has travelled across the world to absorb technology and new opportunities. His love for engineering and design makes him lead the design studio at Tucana, which has produced truly unique designs in the field of Industrial and architectural lighting. He has been instrumental in the technological developments that Tucana has been able to do so far, and has a broad design and patent portfolio.

  • manu

    Manu Mohatta

    Co founder at Tucana

    Manu has path breaking experience in scouting technology and developing a vendor team of highly qualified, competent professionals.  He has deep understanding of material sciences and is vividly creative. His intuitiveness to sense business opportunities and work towards them is also remarkable.

  • himanshu

    Himanshu Desai

    The man who understands electronic automation inside-out

    Himanshu bhai is an electronics engineer with over 25 years of experience in automation and micro-processor based controls. He is currently heading our daylight sensing and proximity sensing research for LEDs

  • ca-patel

    C.A Patel

    The power electronics expert

    Mr. Patel has been into research and development of power electronic device for over a period of 30 years. He is amongst select few in the nation who understand switching mode power supplies very well. He has been actively involved with Tucana for development of constant current drive technology for all high power LED luminaries.

  • bharat (1)

    Bharat Buch

    The man who believes that accuracy is the mother of perfection.

    Bharat bhai is an expert in CNC (computerized numerical control) based cutting and engraving of various polymers such as PMMA, ABS and PVC. If the job is in his hands, we are rest assured about the precision!

  • hasmukhshah

    Hasmukh shah

    Man of Steel

    Hasmukhbhai is amongst Ahmedabad’s largest stainless steel merchants. Not only is he a supplier, he is also a bank of knowledge on various stainless steel types and their applications.

  • vishrutshah

    Vishrut shah

    The Man who can cut steel like butter

    Vishrutbhai owns this mammoth laser cutting machine from Italy that actually cuts steel like butter!
    The laser beam that heats the metal upto 1800°C cuts steel like nothing else can. He gives the professional touch to all the SS related fabrication.

  • Vadhiya_Pravin

    A.L Vadhiya and Pravin Vadhiya

    The plastic injection molding experts

    Vadhiya Saab and Pravinbhai do the very complex reverse engineering for each and every injection molding die they make. Making a mold is at least 4 times more complex than the product itself. This is because the mold engineer is expected to imagine the ‘negative’ of the said product in 3 dimensions simultaneously!

  • Vinod_Malvi

    Vinod & Madan Malvi

    The Aluminum pressure die-casting experts

    When we use the words ‘Aluminium pressure die casting’, we are essentially talking about pressurized filling of molten aluminium into molds at the pressure of 120 metric tons/sq.inch !
    The Malvis possess an experience of over 30 years in aluminium pressure die casting.

  • pankaj_gupta

    Pankaj Gupta

    The Fastners expert

    Pankaj Ji is an encyclopedia on nuts, bolts, screws, fastners, flanges, studs, washers and what not! Though a small part, but fastening and bolting is a very important part of any product. Tucana is fortunate to be in collaboration with him for various developmental projects

  • dhiraj-shah

    Dhiraj Shah

    Aluminium’s best friend

    Dhiraj bhai owns a well known Aluminium rolling mill in Ahmedabad. His passion for development of new and innovative products got us connected to him. He is our vendor as well as a consultant for aluminium alloy selection.

  • ramnayan-patel

    Ramnayan Patel

    The metal spinning expert

    Ramnayan ji is a skilled metal spinner. He understands the art of spinning aluminium sheet into parabolic light reflectors. He has acquired his training in Iran and Saudi Arabia and is now the most sought after metal spinner in the city.

  • kiran-patel

    Kiran Patel

    The circuits and PCB expert

    Kiran bhai is a master PCB designer and a CAM/CAD operator. He designs and develops all types of pcbs for Tucana like the FR4 and the aluminium backed MCPCB for better thermal conductivity of LEDs

  • yogeshbhai

    Yogesh Panchal

    The Machinist

    We often have to custom make small parts for research and prototyping. These could include a spring, or a lever or maybe a special purpose cutting die. These are all developed by Yogesh bhai at his workshop. He is just as passionate about product engineering as us. The prototype prepared by him is always as imagined.

  • chandreshbhai

    Chandresh bhai

    The coatings champion

    We have done a lot of research on ceramic, silicon and sol-gel coatings on Aluminium. Meet Chandresh bhai, the man who makes metal show its true colors!

  • jagdish-chauhan

    Jagdish Chauhan

    The expert lathe turner

    Everytime we have a design which needs to be converted to a proto very quickly, Jagdish bhai is the person we reach first. His superior turning and machining skills churn out the proto in minutes!

  • bakul_panchal

    Bakul Panchal

    The steel shearing and cutting expert

    Bakul bhai in his state of the art workshop does superior quality aluminium and steel fabrication for our Beamstream’s combi-fitting. He also has an in-house TIG welding centre.

  • anil-chauhan

    Anil Chauhan

    The man who fuses metals together

    Anil bhai has over 15 years of experience in welding of stainless steel, aluminium and titanium.
    He is highly skilled and is trained in the TIG and argon welding techniques. Each and every weld he makes is adamant!

Our Unique Features

Tucana lights is result of intense design and technology development efforts. All our products are unique and Patented. Components are so designed and chosen to make our lights last a life time, give phenomenal energy saving and yet look awesome!! Some of the unique features of our lights are as under.

  • Unique Design

    We are bringing in patented refreshing unique designs for our LED light fixtures, which are produce of our own studio. All designs are classical, ever – lasting designs, which follow strict discipline of functionality. We have 10 design patents in queue and more are in the pipe line. Even the smallest component, is specialty designed and engineered if it made the product even a bit better.

  • Rock Solid Construction

    Rock solid construction – LED lights have three main components which define Its efficiency and longevity. These are the LED light source, the LED light driver and the housing. We have not left any stone unturned to amalgamate best components to bring you a mesmerizing proposition in LED lighting.

  • Aluminum Heat Sink

    We are first in industry to give our reflector also the job of Heat sink. We use 2.5 mm thick 99% pure and highly conductive aluminum sheets to make our reflector double up as heat sink.

  • LM – 6 grade

    Super Quality Aluminum Alloy Housing in LM – 6 grade to give nice sharp fins, for auxilary heat sinks.

  • Silicon paints

    Silicon paints, which are baked at 270 C to give you life lasting colors.

  • Nano Ceramic Coating

    Nano ceramic coating to make reflective surfaces retain the sheen for life.

  • LM – 80 Certified

    Only LM-80 certified Lamp source from OSRAM, NICHIA, CREE, EDISON OR PHILIPS, which give > 120 lm/watt

  • LED Drivers

    LED driver, Designed to beat industry’s best, with “Power Integration”, USA, IC, Transformer with PQ core, 105 degree capacitors from Rubycon, Japan or equivalent from Korea, All this to give PF >99%, efficiency-90-93% , and THD 6-9% to make them amongst the best LED Drivers available !!

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to assemble and service.

  • Optimal Heat Dissipation

    Optimal heat dissipation with surface radiation with primary and auxiliary heat sink.

  • Economical Cost

    Economical cost.

  • 2 Year Warranty

    2 Year warranty.

  • Convenience of Use

    Convenience of use- suspend, mount or swivel.

  • Special Design for Precision Part

    Precision parts specifically designed

    • Compact cable gland(patented)
    • Multipurpose tightening cum cable suspending bolt(patented)
    • Convenient swivel head made in SS and special engineering plastics to give precise gear movement
    • Insert molding bolt – designed to last life time
    • All SS-304 Fasteners
    • Hand crafted precision parts
  • Teflon Cables

    Internal cables In Teflon which withstand even 250 C.

  • Mirror Like Finish

    Light reflecting surfaces burnished to mirror like finish

  • Long Life Finish

    Extremely long life. Excepted life is 15 years at 10hour/day.

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